Don't eat until you're full, eat until you are tired. list of Lean Cuisines consumed this week, may deter some folks from ever coming back.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last Saturday, was a good day. We did a "revealing" of the sex of our baby, via cupcake ceremony...its a boy for those that don't know. Here is the blog:

After that, my friend, John, and I cooked and served a 6 course Louisiana themed dinner to introduce a little venture we are working on, called Roost. The idea, is to bring great restaurant quality food and service in to the home. I was super pleased with how everything came out, and think it was a great first run for us.

Here was the menu...

1.) Gumbo w/chicken and sausage
2.) Mixed Greens Salad w/fresh strawberries, havarti cheese & Balsamic Glaze
3.) Crawfish Pie
4.) New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp w/French bread
5.) Grilled Snapper w/white wine sauce, dried chilies & rosemary
6.) Bread Pudding w/bourbon sauce

If you missed out on this one, no worries, you will get a chance. We hope to do several more of these dinners over the next few months. A great night of friends, music and food...doesn't get any better than that.