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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cheap Whiskey

Last week I went out and bought a bottle of Dalmore 12 at the recommendation of I'm a big fan of Macallan, and the Dalmore is very comparable. A little sweeter on the front end, and if you find "peetiness" unattractive, then you'll enjoy this one.

Last night while picking up a Christmas tree, I decided that my whiskey habit was going to get expensive, if all I ever drank was single malt when I was relaxing at the house or while cooking. So on the way home, I stopped and picked up a $20 bottle of Cutty Sark. I've never had Cutty Sark before, but I always liked the dark green bottle and the old school yellow label, with a picture of the clipper ship that the whiskey is named after.

I like it. Its very pale in color, which made me assume the taste would suck, but I like it. I had a couple of glasses while cooking some asian themed string beans and hamburger steaks with onions and bell peppers. Pretty enjoyable evening of some low carb food and cheap whiskey.

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